Akihiro Tanaka & Jack Spira, MigFest 2013

Sixstrings had the privilege of being part of the recent 2013 MigFest, in Kuala Lumpur. It was the ultimate gathering of all things acoustic guitars related.

In the 3 days when the event was held, we had the pleasure of meeting renowned acoustic guitar finger stylists, fellow acoustic guitar enthusiasts and accomplished luthiers (And try some of their fine products!).

Here is Jack Spira, the Australian luthier, and famous Japanese fingerstylist, Akihiro Tanaka visiting our booth in MigFest on one of the evenings, with Akihiro-san giving an impromptu performance of Sukiyaki on a Jack Spira 000.

More info on Jack Spira Guitars

More info on Akihiro Tanaka


Welcome to our website! In the weeks to come, we’ll be unveiling our plans for Sixstrings: the guitar boutique and uploading videos and reviews for your viewing pleasure.

This week, we are making our debut at the Malaysian International Guitar Festival 2013, exhibiting our house brand, Maestro Guitars. For more info on the MIG Fest, see their website here.

Also, get these limited edition Guitar Geek t-shirts for a promotional price at the MIG Fest this week. sixstrings-tshirtFINAL

So come on, drop by our booth at L10 if you’re in the vicinity.