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Sixstrings, Malaysia


We are a guitar boutique
We curate the finest acoustic guitars and gear for every guitarist’s  needs, from the bedroom musician to the seasoned maestro. Just as no two musicians are the same, no two guitars feel and sound the same. Each guitar inherits the unique characteristics of  the tone wood used to construct it. These tone woods come from across the globe, are harvested from a variety of great big trees and placed into the hands of expert craftsmen who give them shape, silhouette and fine trimmings.

We’ll help you find the perfect guitar to suit your needs and playing style from our range of premium to indie brands.

Sixstrings, Malaysia

We are educators at heart
We’re not just about peddling products, we’re passionate about educating individuals about anything guitar. From the guitar crafting process to ‘how to play?’, we make time for your questions.

Naturally, we also offer acoustic guitar lessons from beginners to advanced levels.

Sixstrings, Malaysia

We ❤ gadgets
Apart from guitars, we’re also decked out with acoustic amplifiers, cables, strings, straps, tuners, capos, picks, recording gears, stands and cases. If you know of a cool guitar accessory we need to have in store, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.


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Official Distributor of Maestro Guitars
Maestro is a Singaporean brand of handcrafted guitars and ukuleles that prides itself in making guitars that are responsive and rich in tonal colours with superb playability and outstanding design. More on Maestro Guitars